Meet Engr Raifu Aliu Olalekan, A Civil Engineer And Entertainer

Engr Raifu Aliu Olaekan ( omoalbarka ) Is a civil Engineer and Artist's, A highly intelligent energetic, enthusiastic, dependable individual, who excels in competitive and challenging environments. A very strong organizational skills, who has effectively manage
different responsibilities with accomplishes results,my experience covers designs and Construction of Structures, road bridge as well as films productions and Acting.

Engr Raifu Aliu Olalekan talented Nigerian Project manager, film Actor, director, producer and Audio/Visual marketers also a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Olalekan Ali, omoalbarka started as an apprentice with Ajigijaga and Basia Bolaji Johnson theater group, Olalekan featured mainly first in a movie "Okere" followed by "Olowo idale" and Okunrin meta,"Ta'lole",Bakabaka"and "Ota-Olahun,which he became more professional in Acting after those films.he has produced several movies though has not been so easy. Ali open up that he is still into his academic discipline (civil engineering works/contract) but will soon quit to concentrate more on movies industry due to his passion for entertainment.

Engr Olalekan Ali and his beautiful damsel parent of  boy and girls, The CEO of TRIUMPH ULTIMATE LIMITED was also hail from Ibadan Oyo state from ALBARKA'S FAMILY, he was born on 8th August 1974, He is a happy, con-tempted and successful man.

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