2019 Election Ogun Will Stand Out For Change - Adetunji Oluwafemi Fadina

I am an Awori not because i was born here, but because Awori was born in me by HIS GRACE. 
Mr Adetunji Oluwafemi Fadina talks about 2019 election, That Nigerians will be loud and clear. That too many families can’t make ends meet. That too many seniors are living in poverty. That they have had enough of the same old debates. They deserve better.That is why we should dare to bring about change.

Change that is now necessary because Nigerians is running in circles. Because for too long, we have replaced scandals with different scandals, scandals that Nigerians could not tolerate anymore. Because some want to benefit from divisive politics. Because issues that matter to most Nigerians are yet to be settled.

You have voted to bring our troops home, but the mission in Sambisa has been extended. You have voted for a green economy, but still, your money is used to subsidize big polluters. You have rejected scandals that tarnished politics, but again this week, we see the same story. Different leaders, same old scandals with defectors. For all these reasons, you believe it is now time for change.

I must commend Governor Ibikunle Amosun for this stand with us to fight our common enemy within and without...that Ogun West must mount that saddle of leadership.

We are ready for this change. Nigerians are ready for this change. My friends, I am ready to bring this change to Otta, so that Aworians would have a strong voice in cabinet. In every corner of the constituency, my Aworian team is ready for this challenge

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