A Truck Killed A Student Of Allover Central Polythecnic In Ota, Ogun State

In Ota, Ogun State
OTA - This morning a student of allover central polytechnic Ota, Ogun State shared with Ota Gossip a sad story of how they lost one of their school mate and said to us that the student died in front of the school on 14th Tuesday.
She said the victim was was standing on the covet due to the school bad road and he slipped, and before a twinkle of an eye the trailer coming at that particular time crushed him down

The Eye-witnesses said They rush into the school premises to get a first aid box to get the bleeding stop, But there was none
 in the school, which is very bad.

She said they had to rush him to Ota specialist hospital, but he was rejected, because the bleeding was much, so  they had to took him to Obasanjo general hospital Ota before he was attended to after several pleading.
After attending to him in the hospital he later gave up

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