His Royal Majesty Olota Of Ota Celebrates 1st Birthday On Throne.

His Royal Majesty Oba (Prof.) Adeyemi Abdukabir Obalanlege (Lanlege Ekun II) the Olota of Ota celebrates 1st birthday on throne.
The celebration of his majesty on this august occasion cannot be overstated. 
Aworiland has witnessed the emergence of an intellectual colossus. A professional who professes in the field of journalism and commands English as though it is his native language. We are blessed to have your reign, it is much anticipated.
HRM Prof. Obalanlege is our King. We celebrate with you on your birthday and with your family and Aworiland for having an extraordinaire at the helms of affair. Our unflinching loyalty lies with you.
It is our prayer that you continue to consociate with other Awori Obas where ever they are. For, we are one! We pray that your reign transmogrify our land from better to best. And that all and sundry that breath the Awori air be transmuted from lower to greater heights. 
With you, we know Aworiland is great again, nothing shall bifid our unity and togetherness. We can only wax stronger. With you as our leader, we are more powerful, it is not pride, Lions don't fret! Happy birthday Kabiyesi.
On this day, Awori Intellectuals Group celebrates our Kabiyesi on his fruitful birthday.
Happy birthday sir.
Ase yi sa modun EKUN.
Ase !

Bankole Olatunji (PRO II)
Awori Intellectuals

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