I’m authentic Ogun PDP chairman, not factional – Engineer Dayo

The Ogun State People’s Democratic Party Chairman Engr. Adebayo Dayo has warned that nobody should refer to him as a factional chairman, stressing that he is the authentic chairman as ruled by the court and the party’s constitution.

Engr. Dayo made this known to journalists in Abeokuta during a rally held at the party’s secretariat in Abeokuta.

“I am the authentic chairman not factional chairman. The press should get that. I am ordained by the court and Nigeria’s Constitution which is supreme over party’s constitution.”

Dayo also asserted that nobody can expel him as the chairman until April 2020 and that the National Chairman of the party, Uche Secondus and others are just saying what they wish. ”If they are so sure of what they are saying, they should take me to court,”he added.

“Uche and his caucus are nobody to remove me from being Ogun PDP chairman because it is the court order that I am following. If the court did not say I am not the chairman, then who is Uche, Sikirulai to say no. Infact, Sikirulai is still owing me N200,000 that the court ordered him to pay me. It is because they don’t want to pay me, that is why Uche and his caucus are jittery. They want to expel me as the chairman,” he stated.

He described Secondus as a Cash and Carry National Chairman.’

“Secondus is a cash and carry politician in Abuja. It’s because of the money he is collecting from someone who says he is a member of the House of Representatives that he was unable to say or do the right thing.”

”I have been a member of this party now close to 20 years. I started this party. I don’t know who is Uche, I don’t know when he joined the party. What I know is that I am the Ogun state PDP chairman by court and Nigeria’s constitution.

“We are law abiding, we are following the constitution while Secondus is operating on illegality.

“We have never come with transformers and Indomie yet people are following us.

”Senator Buruji Kashamu is our member and Otunba Gbenga Daniel is one of our party leaders, ” he stated.

Senator Buruji Kashamu also declared at the rally that nobody can expel him from the party, adding that any effort to do so is in futility.

“I Senator Buruji Kashamu remain in PDP. Aside from that I have court order that protects me from being expelled by anybody. Any attempt to expel me from the party is an effort in futility,” Kashamu said.

Kashamu also maintained that nobody can expel the chairman because of his commitment to the party.

“What is expulsion. How can you be expelled when you are committed to the party. The party is not for an individual, I want to authoritatively inform you that, I Senator Buruji Kasahmu remain in PDP.”

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