16 yrs old girl with a 2 month old baby crying out for help in Ota, Ogun State

A young girl of 16 years old named Nofisat
In Otta, Ogun State was pregnant and was in a bad condition to give birth on her self.  Then the community came together to help this young lady.
The community take her to the nearest hospital in town called Blissland hospital 

And  the doctor in charged said they will have to operate her before she can give birth after they have run some test on her.

Blissland hospital bill the community the some of #300,000 to run Cs. The community came together to raise #270,000 for the cs. After the child delivering at the hospital. The doctor refused to release the young poor girl because of 30,000 balance remaining for over two months now.

As one of the eye-witness Mrs Bukola in the same community share with Ota Gossip News That the hospital around ota here, called blissland hospital, a girl from iseyin came like 2 months ago and she gave birth.

The hospital has held the girl and the baby for incomplete balance

They billed the girl #300,000 and people raised #270,000 for payment. Hospital has collected 270k and have refused to release the girl. The girl and her 2 months baby have been sleeping on the floor since she gave birth. The baby is not well fed,

Ota Gossip: How old is the mother of the baby

Eye-witness : mother of baby is 16years old

In a little conversation with her ... We asked for the parents of this young girl and we were told  that the girl's mother has mental instability and she also has stroke.

Now to the people of Ogun State

The hospital has refused to release them for just a 30k balance

What do you think the community to do?


Source: Ota Gossip News

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