Meet Number Gospel Dj In Ogun State - Gospel Dj X One Biography

Number One Gospel DJ In Ogun State, Nigeria is Gospel Dj X One 

Gospel Dj X One Biography

In the years 2007, he was known as Dj sunny one but today, he’s called Gospel Dj X,one. he started is DJ career in 2007 with sculler music,  his full name is Ayodele Oluwasegun Sunday, He has acquired acclaim as a man who was born for music and is successfully made Street gospel music a household essential through is Gospel x Mix, HSH mix and ALABA mix tape project. 

Gospel Dj X,one is not ashamed to be called a Christian and am not ashamed of the gospel, has it was said in the book of Romas 1 vs 16 (For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek )  he’s always willing to make a mark in the way gospel music is viewed in the Street, becues he grow up in the street, One could safely say that Gospel Dj X,one has redefined gospel Mix tape in this youth age for those who are Christians but want to boogie. whit is way of mixing the gospel songs you can now have him fully on the street parties.

Gospel Dj X,one promotes music and works hard to bring out the coming up gospel artist on the street. Using the method of online radio stations, street promotions and media platforms, he went to make Good gospel music is being celebrate.

 Gospel Dj X,one answered God’s calling to be a Gospel Dj in the year 2012  to move out from clubs house and bars, but it was so hard for him to say yes lord... until people of God beings to walk up to him and deliver the message of God to him. And drop my first gospel online mix tape in the year 2013 September 5th with the help of

Gospel Dj X,one’s passion for the street gospel music is beyond comparison. He always feels something great in his heart for the coming up gospel artistes that share there passion for gospel music.
About the challenges in the industry, he’s not happy when Christians and corporate organizations owned by Christians refuse to sponsor and support Christian shows, claiming there’s no gain in it. and gospel djs demanding a lot of money from coming up artistes, i know promoting is all about money but God said seek him first and every other things will be added including so called money.



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