A Letter To Yewa Awori's And Friends Of Yewa Awori Land .- Ishola Eleshin

Dear Yewa,Awori's and friends, 
it is with deep thought and emotion am writing this memo through this medium to the hear of political conscious of Ogun state citizen and love ones.

The political deals in APC should be a great concern to the yewa awori's and the place of recognition in Ogun state politics.But at this junction,I will like to advice the political class, headers and concern citizen of the community to be more calm and learn a good lesson. 
Moreso,it is time for the yewa's awori's to claim what belong to them and any attempt to jettison the opportunity,then it is a done deal for the!!!.           

Lastly,may I also use this medium to extend my greetings to the great minds of Ogun state,the concern citizen and the progressive mind.Hence,Ogun state belong to all, not only to the egba's and ijebu's. Thus,it is high time the political elites take a good look at the political structure and lopsidedness of political arrangement of Ogun state and not neglect any part.Yewa Awori's have been neglect for so long and God willing this time YEWA Awori's shall take the right steps by fully support GNI for Governor 2019 inrespective of any political affiliate.Thank u and Godbless.

Ishola Eleshin olawale .H. (progressive citizen of Ogun state.)

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