Atiku and Buhari are not our Messiah for 2019 - Mayowa Donald of Hebron Fm Otta

Olulana Mayowa Donald is a radio presenter with Hebron fm 95.9 in otta. popularly know as OMO IYA ONIYAN pure out is mind on 2019 election

Nigerians are at it again, singing the name of Atiku. The answer to our problem in Nigeria is not Atiku or Buhari but to look for fresh blood and new political party. Obasanjo and some few rich pastors should not tell us where to go and how to vote, they don't own Nigeria. Obasanjo who can not build a good road network to his University is the one preaching good governance? Obasanjo used eight years in power and Ota was his base. 
What is the condition of Ota today? 
Atiku has one of the most expensive University in Africa, and here we are singing the Messiah is here? 
Remember he has a share with mekano? And you expect him to fix electricity? 
I think we should look elsewhere. #AtikuBuhari not our Messiah come 2019

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