MAPOLY PROTEST: Give room for dialogue, resolution – ASUP Chairman | @PressClubMAPOLY

The chairman Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), MoshoodAbiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) chapter, Kola Abiola has urged the protesting students of MAPOLY to allow the management of the institution to meet as regards their agitations.

Part time students of MAPOLY have since Wednesday 3rd of October commenced a protest in reaction to their lectures which had been placed on hold for about two weeks.

The lecturers claimed to be owed their allowances of about a year lecturing the part time students while they are also owed two months’ salary lecturing the full time students.

This resulted into the ‘work to rule’ action for the full time academic activities, meanwhile it was a complete ‘no lecture’ for the part time students.

Abiola while addressing the protesting students this morning said he could wish that they go on protesting till he gets his salary but they (the students) will be at the losing end than himself.

While thanking them for their peaceful conduct during the protest, he implored them to take a break from the protest so as to re-strategize and give the management time to resolve.

“I don’t wish for anyone to sleep in cell. I’m not here to cajole you, I’m here to tell you that if they so decide to want to come in, let them come in. I’m sure your leadership has a way of meeting with the management to tell them that after a given number of date if something is not done, you would go back to continue your protest but if they have shown the sign that they want to talk, I want to appeal to you that you allow them that opportunity to talk. If after talking nothing is coming out of it, then you can now act again.

“Nobody in Ogun state will say they have not heard you complaining and I want to thank you that you have been very civil. This little you have done, you cannot imagine how far it has gone. So, continue to be law abiding, you have grounded academic activities for today, most of the staff have gone home and even if they want to come in, there is practically nothing that they can do. Most of you are students of economics, you know that if you ground manufacturing activities for 48 hours, it is serious money. You have just fought one battle, there are still many for you to fight5.

“It is good for you to go back, re-strategize and plan if they don’t meet you, what next are you going to do? Give them the benefit of doubt.I will personally wish that you continue here until my money is paid. My children are in school, I have my aged children to feed but if there is an opportunity for them to meet please allow them to meet.

Meanwhile the students were losing it as they questioned why the Rector hasn’t showed up to address them despite their call to see him since the commencement of the protest.

One of the students identified as ‘Babakay’ who responded to the ASUP chairman said that they need to get an ultimatum before they stop the protest.

“We appreciate the fact that you risked your job to come here. Yesterday we started this protest, before we started the protest we have visited many quarters and none seem to have a solution. The registrar told us to give them two hours yesterday that the issue will be resolved. We left here around 11am yesterday, till this moment nothing is done.

“We have said that anyone who want to hold a meeting should come, we will allow them to enter but we will remain here for solution but the problem is that we have been here since yesterday demanding to see the rector but he hasn’t showed up. Are we carrying guns? Are we here with sticks and machetes?” he said.

The students however, allowed some members of the school management to into the school while Protestants went home in expectation of a fruitful outcome of the management meeting.

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