Mr Eazi wants to run for a political post in his home town, Ogun State for 2019 | @mreazi

Nigerian musician, Mr Eazi has declared his intention to run for a political party in his home town, Yewa, Ogun state. He made the disclosure today in his Independent Day message. He wrote;

”Happy Independence Day to my Great Country, this makes me believe that regardless of unfavourable conditions i can make it!! That is the Spirit of Nigeria! Hope! Perseverance! Its time for us to take our future into our hands be involved, demand great governance! We have the Keys To The City! Demand real change not recycled leadership! PS- I will be addressing my constituents on the 5th of October #BeInvolved #notTooYoungTorun #2019 #Yewa #Ogun #Nigeria #keysTothecity”

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