Spoken word: DRUG PRESSION by Chikeys Lé Poet | @chikeys_le_poet

Ogbonnaya Chidinma popularly know as Chikeys Lé Poet a Nurse, Writer,Recording and performing Poet ,Spoken Word Artist and Musician drops another poet to inspire the youth and drug addict out there.  

You chose him over me, it hurts but I'll have to live with the fact that
you'll never be there for me, 
You have never been and
it drives me nuts when I see you pull 
the lighter's trigger, 
Load your gun and swallow the bullets straight to your lungs.

With every drag and hit you take, 
My heart burns and my eyes rain,
We've become the perfect definition of distance,
When you're right here before me.

You chose him over us,
At least you loved yourself, that's a plus.

Nothing seems right, it's not the same, 
When things go wrong it's you I'll blame, 
Everyday I think of ways I could've stopped this from happening, 
But it all boils down to the fact that I couldn't do anything.

Now he didn't just steal you from us, 
He took you to jail!
No one has a clue the pain it brings,
I tried so hard to forget the past
and distance myself from your influence, 
Cause you going to jail when I needed you most is some coincidence!

It kills me to think you sit there doing nothing,
and If I say I forgive you I'll be bluffing, 
Thinking it was me that drove you to drugs makes me sad, 
But since I couldn't snatch you from him, 
I'll surely not fall for his lies.

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